AR UPPERS Prepare for hunting season with rifles specifically designed for both small- and big-game hunting.. For hunting larger animals, like deer, elk and moose, you’ll want to select a rifle that can handle cartridges big enough to kill an animal with just 1 shot, such as a .308, .30-60, .300 Mag, .338 Mag or Remington AR UPPERS

There are various types of hunting rifles, most notably Bolt action, Lever-action and Semi-automatic. While all are great rifles. each offers different capabilities and features. Bolt action rifles are easy to use and ideal for precision shooting where long distance accuracy is important. Semi-automatic rifles allow for multiple follow-up shots without needing to chamber a new round for each shot.AR-15 RIFLES| AR-10 | AK47 While not as fast as semi-automatic rifles or accurate as bolt action rifles, lever action rifles offer faster follow-up shots than bolt action rifles, are light. handy and better for closer range shooting. Learn more about different types of rifle models.

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